Enjoy a tasty raclette or one of our cheese fondues with a fine glass of Valais wine.

Raclette AOP exclusive at the Baracca Zermatt

Legend has it that the Valaisan winemaker who invented raclette was called Léon. He warmed up a piece of cheese on a cold day
over the open fire, instead of eating it raw. The original Valaisan dish was born, which has since then been widely used far beyond the borders of the
national borders caused a sensation. The cheese has been proven in Valais since the 4th century BC. During the Roman period, the alpine cheese was famous.
Between the 14th and 19th centuries, cheese was frequently used as a means of payment,
or as an export product. The cheese melting was already known in Valais in 1574.
The term raclette originates from the native French dialect (racler = scrape) and with it was officially introduced in 1874.
also called the cheese.

Valais Raclette AOP is still produced according to an old traditional recipe.

We serve you the spices of the Val de Bagnes and the traditional ones from Turtmann.

Please book early by phone (+41 43 810 18 18) or e-mail (kloten@baracca-zermatt.ch).