If it says „Zermatt“, then it truly is Zermatt!

Wine specialties from the Valais.

Wines Summer 2017 (German)
Baracca Zermatt

Our wine specialities

We also place value on the quality and origin of our wine selection. Superb quality and a huge variety in a very small space, surrounded by a breathtaking Alpine backdrop – this is what distinguishes Valais wines.

Nowhere else in the world of wine you can find as many grape varieties typical of the region in such a small space. The vines of the Valais enjoy annually over 2000 sun hours in a dry, Mediterranean-like climate.

In the viniculture of the Valais dominate steep slopes, which were formed by various glaciers of the Alpine ridge. Although these slopes have to be laboriously cultivated by hand, the sun can be captured particularly well in this area. Therefore, the Valais has the best prerequisites for the emergence of spectacular wines.

We have selected the suitable wines of this old cultural landscape for you – created with passion by exceptional wine growers.


Wines Summer 2017 (German)


Foto Walliser Rebberge: © Thomas Andenmatten